One Being: Spiritual Path of Adi Shankara

By: Ramesh N. Patel

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A slim volume published in 2020, by retired Antioch Professor and resident of Fairborn, Ramesh Patel. 124 pages.

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Adi Shankara is regarded as the greatest philosopher and spiritual leader in the very long history of India and one of the most influential thought leaders in world history. Estimates vary as to when he lived, with scholars placing it at 788-820 C.E. According to Shankara, there is only One Being, which is beyond language and thought because it is ultimate, infinite and all-pervasive. Being spiritual, this One Being is pure consciousness, unlike our normal consciousness which always requires subject-object duality. The One Being is non-dual, being one without a second. Shankara's concept of One Being strikes intuitively true to many, though it sounds narcissistic to a few. Shankara presents a strong rationale in its support and outlines a whole life-path to reach the One Being in actual experience. As a concept, One Being is a rational alternative to the traditional idea of God viewed as a divine person. Its spirituality is a constructive alternative to the atheist's mere denial of God. This book, One Being, by Ramesh N. Patel, describes and explores Adi Shankara's spiritual path and its supporting philosophy in an accessible and intelligible way for the serious modern reader interested in this challenging but highly rewarding subject. The reader is taken step by step through Shankara's life, work, nature of knowledge, reality, life ethics, karma and details of the spiritual path of knowledge. In today's strife-torn and polarized times, One Being is all the more relevant for its obvious potential as a spiritual healer bringing a harmonious message of unity in diversity.Ramesh N. Patel was Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Antioch College. He taught a wide variety of courses in both Eastern and Western philosophy and religion for twenty-five years. He retired in 2002 and since has been teaching voluntary classes in Bhagavad-gita, Upanishads, Vedic philosophy and Spiritual Studies. He is the author of Philosophy of the Gita and of Hinduism for Today.

Title: One Being: Spiritual Path of Adi Shankara

Author Name: Ramesh N. Patel

Created: 2020

ISBN Number: 1985676400

ISBN-13: 9781985676404

Location Published: 2020

Binding: paperback

Book Condition: new

Categories: Hinduism

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